10 Key Reasons Why Branding Is Important, Even For Small Businesses

Branding is one of the most complex words used in businesses. That’s because it includes the process, the strategy and the choices regarding the name, the logo, the culture, the sound and the vibe of the business. It’s what we would call the dialogue between the consumer and the idea of the business itself.

When starting a business, various strategies are developed to promote the image, the culture and the dynamics of the newly established company. All companies create a logo, etc. but not all give the necessary attention to the corporate image, as it can easily create concerns and doubts about whether it affects the course of the business such as:

  • Is it worth spending money on branding or is it better to invest in other areas?
  • Is a brand name and a logo important for the promotion of a business or vise versa?
  • Does the brand influence and bring advantages to large or even small companies?
  • Is it possible for a brand to significantly affect the psychology of consumers?

The importance of a good branding strategy

  1. The brand is the projection of a business to the customer. Consumers will associate the product with your brand and logo. Branding sends out a message about its value, seriousness, quality, consistency, prestige, organization and continuity.
  2. It tries to show that the company is not trying to seduce the customer. Instead, it emphasizes honesty, reliability, knowledge, experience, in order to emphasize the respect it has towards the customer.
  3. It gives impetus and makes the business recognizable. Product advertising imprints and connects the product to the consumer’s mind with the brand name and logo. When this happens, the consumer unconsciously chooses between similar products based on what has been recorded in the unconscious mind.
  4. Creates emotions. People unconsciously do what they feel and not what is logical. We create stories, we generate ideas by combining others that already exist and are considered good, ultimately creating a feeling that manipulates the brain to prioritize and make a decision that leads to our product.
  5. The brand name even though it’s not alive can be recorded by the brain as such. With a planned and meticulous strategy, it acquires style, voice, personality and presence in peoples’ minds similarly to a living creature. It creates a dialogue with the consumer and inspires him/her to choose the product.
  6. It combines art and science. The aim is to make the product attractive, to fascinate the consumer with an aesthetic pleasure – the idea of the product- before they reach the product while presenting scientific documentation of its effectiveness.
  7. A well-chosen brand identity can make a small company known. When capital is limited, a well-chosen brand identity can make the business known and ultimately strong against its competition.
  8. Brand is nourished by time. A very strong connection to the brand will be created, when the consumers combine it with the quality, which continues in time, with the image that refers exclusively to this product, with the reliability that comes from the excellent service, and does not change over time, with the trust built by respect for the consumer, with the presence in every detail of peoples’ modern lives (SMEs, Influencers, social media platforms, sponsorships, corporate social responsibility, etc.).
  9. The logo and brand carry the promise that the product or service is and will remain above everything else in the same sector. To achieve this requires a good knowledge of peoples’ psychology in order to achieve the optimal aesthetics that are imposed by the brand. A bad brand is worse than no brand at all because it constantly reminds the consumer that your product or service is terrible.
  10. The company, when making the first contact with the customers, projects the values ​​that represent it and what it wants to offer to each individual and to the society as a whole. We set up a business because we realized that the individual, and society, in general, have some needs that are not met. Our brand, our logo, the packaging, the sound, the image, the environment, the people, the website, the facilities, the sense of availability, the utmost respect to the customer will pave the way to enter their minds and hearts and be placed in a prominent position. The purpose of a business is to “serve” the fellow human being, not to profiteer by fooling them and this must be projected in everything it does, otherwise in the long run it may face many problems that will result in a permanent seize of its operation.

The value of Branding -the corporate identity- is unquestionable and that is why it is critical to be properly developed by experts in order to achieve the best possible results. At Diversify we help you develop a corporate identity that aligns with your business goals, mindset and culture. Contact us to learn more here.

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