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There are numerous forms of video marketing. From traditional television ads to more modern internet-based video ads to social media, like YouTube and TikTok. We are focusing on the later. Social Media Video Marketing is the most trending and popular form of video marketing at the moment. It has been rising steadily for at least ten years and is going to become the number one way to promote products online. 

But why is it so successful?

Any good advertising agency can create you a beautifully designed advertisement that can be projected to your customer audience, but no matter how good the video ad is it will always be a one-way interaction with the consumer. That means that the consumer interacts with it only by watching the video and either clicking on it or not (if its online). 

And here is where content creation stands out. When creating a video for a social media platform like YouTube, for example, you have the opportunity to interact with you customers in many ways and they get to interact with you too beyond just watching the video. There are many ways to achieve that, from letting him choose the video content, to the comment section and in most social media with direct messages and stories. Therefore, the consumer becomes engaged with your brand, your story, and your culture, since he is in a constant communication with it.

Ready, set, Action!

Benefits of a Video Marketing Strategy


It’s the most effective strategy for creating engagement.


It increases conversions and word of mouth.


It builds strong brand recognition and trust.


It’s a highly effective tool for boosting sales passively.


It’s cheaper than traditional television advertisements and lasts forever.


You don’t need to pay for its promotion, the platform will promote it for you and to the right audience for free.


In some cases, you even earn money back.


Best tool to crash the competition.


It increases your rank in the Google Search results

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