What is Digital Marketing and how does it help No Matter the Size of Your Business

Even nowadays many professionals are not aware of what exactly we mean by the term Digital Marketing, even though almost everyone uses digital media to the fullest. As a result, they do not know that there are experts who can give a boost to a business and with the right strategy accelerate it to its full potential. It concerns all companies big and small, giving the latter the opportunity to face the competition successfully since the investment costs are minimized.

But what is Digital Marketing?

Marketing is the effort of a company to increase its sales and maintain them at a high level by using advertising, highlighting the quality of the product and its packaging, informing the consumer about the services or products of the company and the company about the consumer’s interests. All this is achieved by implementing a specific strategy.

Digital Marketing is the marketing that is achieved through the use of all digital media (computers, mobile phones, tablets, websites, social networking platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram…) and the new opportunities they offer, always following the technology & the very rapid changes and new habits that people acquire.

The advantages that Digital Marketing offers to businesses, with the use of digital media, are many. Here are some of the most important:

  • It has the ability to connect a business with the consumer-customer who lives very close to it and yet does not know it, but also the one who is very far from it, even at the “edge” of the planet.
  • It can identify the consumer, who is interested in the product, from his/her internet searches and automatically presents the product, as an advertisement, during his/her internet browsing. Taking into account the different needs and desires of each consumer, it emphasizes respect for the person and does not bore them with products and services that are indifferent to them, and as a result Digital Marketing better attracts their attention.
  • Digital marketing can extract information about consumer behavior, from the way they handled the advertising, the product and the business website, as it counts ad impressions, the number of people who responded to the ad, consumer visits to the website, the time they spent on this visit and many other factors.
  • Gives feedback to your business, as it brings it in contact and in dialogue with the consumer. Either through the comments left by a buyer or with various evaluation campaigns etc. Taking this data a company can improve its services/products or even completely readjust its strategy. At the same time, the existence of many happy customers and the correct treatment of dissatisfied ones helps other customers to trust the company and proceed to a purchase.
  • Maintains contact with the consumer 24 hours a day. Any time someone connects to the internet for information, entertainment, searching, shopping for products or services, news reading, communicating with relatives, etc. they come in contact with products that have emerged from their consumer profile.
  • It offers equality in the promotion of the business as the consumer does not necessarily have direct access to the business space, so the business can be based on a space that does not cost much or that is far from the urban center. It does not matter if the company is small or big but its reliability and the product quality.
  • Through the creation of a website, it highlights the product, promotes the credibility of the business and brings consumer trust, which in turn leads to repeat customers. The website is the equivalent of the company’s store, so a website meticulous in every detail is equivalent to the best physical store that would cost very dearly. Through a website, at a relatively low cost, a small or medium business can gain enormous power.
  • It is a cost friendly solution since the advertisement is targeted at a consumer who is interested and thus unnecessary expenses are avoided. It reaches the customer while the customer is looking for the product/ service or something similar and attracts him to the online store of your business.
  • It brings the business to date and prepares it for the future. At the time of the pandemic, businesses with an online presence not only did not lose, but their profits skyrocketed, unlike those who were left behind and thus suffered great losses. The world is constantly changing, and as a result, whoever is constantly up to date comes out victorious.

There are actually thousands of tools and ways in which one can leverage digital marketing. At Diversify we help you find which of these ways fits your company, your corporate identity, your products or your services and we work with you to find the best strategy to achieve your goals, skyrocket your business and stand out of the competition. Contact us to learn more here.

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