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The company

Diversify is a management consulting company / digital marketing agency, born from the vision to offer a competitive advantage to businesses. We undertake the development, promotion and evolution of a business making it able to respond to both internal and external challenges. Diversify helps both start-ups and already established businesses, offering its services through a specialized, creative and well-trained network of partners.

More specifically, Diversify approaches every project with a holistic intervention, which is determined by the goals of the company, its current situation, the external environment and various other factors, based on the specific needs of each case. Our goal is to align our action with the corporate identity of the company, with respect and emphasis on maintaining its unique “character”.

Our Approach

In short, the main pillars of our activity are the consulting support for dealing with crises or other problems that affect your business, the development of corporate identity (Branding), the creation of an online presence (Digital Marketing), through the construction of a website and /or online store (e-shop), marketing & online promotion and social media management.

Video Marketing

Diversify pioneers in the field of consulting by using “video marketing“, a powerful tool with multiple benefits for your business. Video marketing is a service, which is rising in popularity worldwide and marks the future of marketing and communication of a company with their customers.

Who is this for

Our services are addressed to all those who want to evolve their business and integrate it into the modern reality, using sophisticated tactics and smart solutions. Thus, to all small and medium enterprises, with specialization in the field of catering and tourism, in retail companies, freelancers, doctors etc.

Knowledge. Professionalism. Loyalty. Communication.

What Diversify Can Offer You

Our ethics and our principles are the necessary ingredients for a healthy and proper business relationship.

Holistic Approach

As a consulting company we investigate every problem based on all the factors that may be responsible and we suggest the best solution always thinking about your budget and corporate identity.

The Best Digital Marketing Tools

At Diversify we have the best tools at our disposal to help you upgrade your online presence.

5-star Customer Service Training

Our goal for each company is to be trained so that it can offer five-star service to its customers.


Specialized Team of Experts

We consist of an expanded network of experienced partners and as a result we can offer a wide range of services in one package.

Innovation and Creativity

We get bored easily. We question everything. Mostly our best ideas. We do not have canned food. We are passionately looking for anything new, subversive unexpected.

Global Approach

We prepare your company so that it can serve new markets both at home and abroad.

Our Vision

Our vision is to give knowledge and tools to as many businesses as we can, so that they can compete with even the largest competitor companies in their industry.

So what are you waiting for?

We are here to solve any question you have. If you want to know more visit the frequently asked questions or contact us.

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